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Food Aversions
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Baked Goods  "Weis" Aversion Count
Weis 100% Whole Grain Bread 27
Weis 100% Whole Wheat 17
Weis 12 Grain Bread 37
Weis Apple Dumplings 19
Weis Artisan Long Ciabatta Bread 12
Weis Blueberry Bagels 18
Weis Bolillo Rolls 18
Weis Bread Crumbs, Plain 28
Weis Cheese And Garlic Croutons 46
Weis Cherry Turnover 26
Weis Ciabatta Rolls 13
Weis Cinnamon Raisin Bagels 15
Weis Cinnamon Roll 40
Weis Classic Bagels, Honey Raisin 23
Weis Cream Cheese 55
Weis Croutons Made From Artisan Breads 23
Weis Croutons,seasoned, Original 43
Weis Crusty Sour Dough Bread 18
Weis Danish Ring, Raspberry 43
Weis English Muffins 31
Weis Enriched Bread 23
Weis French Stix 16
Weis Frosted Toaster Pastries 19
Weis Garlic Bread 25
Weis Golden Hamburger Rolls 19
Weis Gourmet Apple Spice Monster Muffins 31
Weis Gourmet Banana Nut Monster Muffins, Banana 16
Weis Gourmet Butter Rum Monster Muffin 36
Weis Gourmet Corn Monster Muffins 28
Weis Gourmet Double Dutch Monster Muffins, Chocolate 22
Weis Gourmet Orange Pineapple Monster Muffins 38
Weis Gourmet Raisin Bran Monster Muffins 32
Weis Grillin', Hot Dog Rolls 20
Weis Hand Tossed Garlic Bread Snackers 25
Weis Hearth Baked Vienna Bread 16
Weis Hoagie Rolls 17
Weis Italian Bread 15
Weis Italian Enriched Bread 20
Weis Italian Wheat Bread 21
Weis Kaiser Rolls 20
Weis Large Chicken Salad Hoagie 10
Weis Lite Seeded Rye Enriched Bread 21
Weis Lite Wheat Bread 22
Weis Long French Bread 16
Weis Longfrench Bread 16
Weis Marble Rye Bread 19
Weis Mini Croissants 20
Weis Monster Muffins, Pistachio 34
Weis Monster Size Pina Colada Muffins, Pina Colada 25
Weis Oatmeal Enriched Bread 28
Weis Old World Plain Rye 18
Weis Old World Pumpernickel 17
Weis Old World Seeded Rye 18
Weis Open Face Garlic Bread 26
Weis Pastries With Icing Packets 39
Weis Pecan Spins 26
Weis Philadelphia Style Sticky Bun 33
Weis Pizza Crust 20
Weis Plain Rye Bread 16
Weis Portuguese Rolls 13
Weis Potato Bread 24
Weis Pumpernickel Bread 17
Weis Rolls 57
Weis Rolls, Cinnamon 32
Weis Round Plain Rye Bread 25
Weis Russian Rye Bread 17
Weis Saloio Loaf 12
Weis Sandwich White Enriched Bread 23
Weis Sandwich/hamburger Pretzel Buns 13
Weis Sausage Rolls 17
Weis Seeded Italian 24
Weis Seeded Rye Bread 16
Weis Seedless Rye Enriched Bread 15
Weis Sesame Seed Bagels 11
Weis Sliced Baguette Bread 13
Weis Sliced Italian Bread 15
Weis Sliced Pumpernickel 17
Weis Split Top Wheat Bread 21
Weis Steak/submarine Pretzel Rolls 13
Weis Sundried Tomato Bagels 27
Weis Tehas Toast, Garlic 25
Weis Texas Toast 21
Weis Toaster Frosted Pastries 18
Weis Toaster Pastries 24
Weis Toaster Pastries, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon 18
Weis Toaster Pastries, Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon 16
Weis Toaster Pastries, Frosted Strawberry 19
Weis Tribeca Oven, Artisan Bread 14
Weis Tribeca Oven, Fresh Baked Daily 11
Weis Wheat Italian Bread 13
Weis Wheat Kaiser Rolls 32
Weis White Bread 18
Weis Whole Grain Bread 24