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Food Aversions
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Snacks / Savouries  "Pcc" Aversion Count
Pcc Almonds Hickory-smoked 6
Pcc Bagel Chips 32
Pcc Beef Jerky 15
Pcc Beef Jerky Premium Meat Snack, Black Pepper 14
Pcc Beef Jerky Premium Meat Snack, Original 14
Pcc Black Pepper Turkey Jerky, Smoke 12
Pcc Burnett String Cheese 7
Pcc Candied Pecans 4
Pcc Cheddar Breakfast Biscuit With Ham And Cheese 13
Pcc Chicken Salad Croissant 33
Pcc Chicken Salad Sandwich 16
Pcc Country Potato And Sausage Breakfast Burrito 27
Pcc Cranberries 3
Pcc Cranberries Sweetened With Apple Juice 4
Pcc Diced Pineapple 2
Pcc Egg Salad Sandwich 15
Pcc Extra Large Prunes, Brooks Variety 2
Pcc Granola Bar 13
Pcc Ham And Havarti Croissant Plain 26
Pcc Ham And Havarti Sandwich 7
Pcc Harvest Fruit And Nut Bar 15
Pcc Home-maid Figs And Olives 6
Pcc Marcona Almonds With Olive Oil 4
Pcc Natural Markets Orchard Mix 0
Pcc Natural Markets Organic Almonds 3
Pcc Natural Markets Pcc Natural Markets, Oregon Trails Mix 3
Pcc Natural Markets Pcc Natural Markets, Raw Power Mix 9
Pcc Natural Markets Pcc Natural Markets, Seventh Heaven Organic Trail Mix 8
Pcc Natural Markets Pcc Natural Markets, Snack Attack Mix 8
Pcc Natural Markets Pcc Natural Markets, Sunny Day Mix 9
Pcc Natural Markets Pcc Natural Markets, Waldorf Mix 10
Pcc Nut And Honey Cluster 12
Pcc Organic Apples 2
Pcc Organic Apricots, Turkish Variety 3
Pcc Organic Brazil Nuts 1
Pcc Organic Currants Zante Variety 0
Pcc Organic Figs, Tena Variety 2
Pcc Organic Pecan Halves 1
Pcc Organic Pitted Prunes 2
Pcc Organic Raisins Flame Variety 3
Pcc Organic Sultana Variety Raisins 3
Pcc Original Turkey Jerky 12
Pcc Oven Roasted Drumsticks And Coleslaw 11
Pcc Papaya Spears 1
Pcc Party Mix 44
Pcc Peanut Butter And Jam Sandwich 11
Pcc Pinto Beans And Rice 20
Pcc Premium Buffalo Jerky Meat Snacks, Original 14
Pcc Shelled Pistachios 0
Pcc Spanish Cocktail Mix 5
Pcc Sweet Bagel Chips 18
Pcc Tart Cherries 5
Pcc Teriyaki Buffalo Jerky, Smoked 14
Pcc Toasted Salted Quicos 0
Pcc Tomato And Avocado Sandwich On Spelt Bread 22
Pcc Tuna Salad Sandwich 11
Pcc Tuna Salad Sandwich On Gf Bread 26
Pcc Turkey And Havarti Sandwich 15
Pcc Turkey And Swiss Sandwich 16
Pcc Turkey Cheddar Sandwich 16
Pcc Turkey Sandwich With Cranberry Sauce 23
Pcc Twice Baked Potato Casserole 14
Pcc Unsweetened Bing Cherries 4
Pcc Unsweetened Coconut Flakes 0
Pcc Vegan Blt Sandwich 31
Pcc Vegan Chocolate Mousse 8
Pcc Vegan Club Sandwich 24
Pcc Veggie And Havarti Sandwich 32
Pcc White Toque Chausson Aux Pommes (apple Turnover) 7
Pcc Wild Rice Sesame Sticks 5
Pcc Yam Sandwich 30