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Food Aversions
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Sauces  "Ahold" Aversion Count
Ahold 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1
Ahold Blue Cheese Pasta Sauce 33
Ahold Butter Flavored Syrup 6
Ahold Cookie Spread, Chocolate Creme, A Deliciously Sweet Spread Made From Crushed Dark Cocoa Cookies 7
Ahold Creamed Spinach 39
Ahold Fajita Skillet Sauce, Medium 23
Ahold Italian Style Tomato Sauce 8
Ahold Light Syrup 8
Ahold Lite Syrup, Butter 5
Ahold Nature's Promise, Organic Balsamic Vinegar 2
Ahold Nature's Promise, Organics Pure Maple Syrup 1
Ahold Original Syrup 6
Ahold Pasta Sauce, Pumpkin 24
Ahold Pure Maple Syrup 1
Ahold Salsa, Medium 16
Ahold Simply Enjoy, Alfredo Sauce, Pumpkin 18
Ahold Simply Enjoy, Gourmet Dip Savory With A Zing, Roasted Red Onion & Gruyere 36
Ahold Simply Enjoy, Gourmet Dip With Pepper Topping, Sweet Potato Harissa 23
Ahold Simply Enjoy, Jalapeno Popper Gourmet Dip With Roasted Corn Salsa 46
Ahold Simply Enjoy, Kicked-up Ranch Gourmet Dip With Tomato Bacon Jam 5
Ahold Sliced Beets 0
Ahold Southwest Style Salsa, Medium 19
Ahold Spicy Mexican Style Finishing Sauce 20
Ahold Spinach Dip 31
Ahold Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup 4
Ahold Syrup 6
Ahold Taco Skillet Sauce, Mild 27
Ahold Tomato Sauce 14
Ahold World Menu, Alfredo Sauce 18
Ahold World Menu, Carbonara Sauce 14