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Food Aversions
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Meat Products  "Weis" Aversion Count
Weis All Natural Whole Young Chicken 0
Weis Angus Roast Beef 8
Weis Armour, Pepperoni 7
Weis Baby Back Ribs Fully Cooked Pork Ribs With Barbeque Sauce 20
Weis Boneless - Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Ham Steak 4
Weis Boneless, Hickory Smoked Ham Steak 4
Weis Breakfast Fresh Pork Sausage 1
Weis Breakfast Sausage, Original 11
Weis Chick Thighs 0
Weis Chicken Parmesan Meal W/ Side 25
Weis Chicken Wings 0
Weis Chopped Ham 3
Weis Classic Applewood Smoked Bacon 2
Weis Classic Chicken Hot Dogs 8
Weis Classic Italian-style Meatballs Made With Chicken, Pork & Beef 25
Weis Classic Lower Sodium Bacon 3
Weis Cooked Ham With Natural Juices 5
Weis Deli Sliced Margherita Hard Salami 6
Weis Fresh Pork Sausage 7
Weis Fresh Sliced D&w Black Pepper Cooked Ham 10
Weis Fresh Young Turkey 1
Weis Hickory Smoked Bacon 2
Weis Honey Ham, With Natural Juices 8
Weis Italian Sausage, Hot 7
Weis Italian Style Boneless Breast Of Chicken 10
Weis Italian Style With Olive Oil Boneless Breast Of Chicken 10
Weis Jalapeno Sausage 9
Weis King Salmon Portions 0
Weis Lamb Spedies 10
Weis Reduced Sodium Boneless Ham Steak 5
Weis Regular Cut Bacon 2
Weis Rotisserie Chicken Breasts - Cold 6
Weis Salmon Fillets 0
Weis Saus Pepperoni/cheese 32
Weis Seasoned Chicken Drumstick, Barbecue 5
Weis Seasoned Drumstick 18
Weis Skinny Turkey Cutlets 0
Weis Spicy Tuna Rolls 16
Weis St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs Fully Cooked With Barbeque Sauce 20
Weis Sweet Italian Style Turkey Sausage 5
Weis Tender Buffalo Chicken Cold 27
Weis Thick Cut Bacon 2
Weis Turkey Club Wrap 34
Weis Turkey Hot Dogs 6
Weis Wonder Chicken 12
Weis Wunderbar German Bologna 7