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Food Aversions
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Meat Products  "Usinger's" Aversion Count
Usinger's Beef Ring Bologna 4
Usinger's Beef Summer Sausage 3
Usinger's Braunschweiger (liver Sausage) 2
Usinger's Canadian Style Bacon 3
Usinger's Chicken Sausage With Cilantro 8
Usinger's Deli Pepperoni 7
Usinger's Farmer Summer Sausage 3
Usinger's Genoa Salami 6
Usinger's Hard Salami 6
Usinger's Headcheese 1
Usinger's Hickory Sticks Summer Sausage, Hot And Spicy 3
Usinger's Italian Style Summer Sausage 3
Usinger's Jellied Sulze 7
Usinger's Knackwurst Sausage 3
Usinger's Leona Bologna Sausage 2
Usinger's Linguica Portuguese Style Sausage 5
Usinger's Mortadella With Pistachio Nuts 2
Usinger's Old World Style Italian Sausage 5
Usinger's Polish Sausage 4
Usinger's Ring Bologna 4
Usinger's Smoked Chorizo Sausage 5
Usinger's Smoked Hickory Sticks Summer Sausage 3
Usinger's Summer Sausage 3
Usinger's Summer Sausage, Garlic 4
Usinger's Uncured Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast 7