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Food Aversions
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Frozen Food  "Stouffer's" Aversion Count
Stouffer's Bacon & Egg Scramble 35
Stouffer's Baked Ziti 49
Stouffer's Baked Ziti Pasta 44
Stouffer's Beef Pot Roast, Classics 36
Stouffer's Bourbon Steak 38
Stouffer's Broccoli & Cheese Grain Side Dish 33
Stouffer's Cheddar Potato Bake 31
Stouffer's Cheese Enchiladas, Mild 52
Stouffer's Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Rice Bake 45
Stouffer's Cheesy Garlic Lasagna With Meat Sauce 47
Stouffer's Cheesy Spaghetti Bake 47
Stouffer's Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Bake 40
Stouffer's Chicken Alfredo 38
Stouffer's Chicken Alfredo Flatbread Melt 42
Stouffer's Chicken Enchiladas 47
Stouffer's Chicken Enchiladas, Medium 50
Stouffer's Chicken In Barbeque Sauce, Classics 49
Stouffer's Chicken Parmesan 55
Stouffer's Chicken Parmigiana 62
Stouffer's Chicken Quesadilla Flatbread Melt 59
Stouffer's Cilantro Lime Chicken 46
Stouffer's Classics Baked Chicken Breast 39
Stouffer's Classics Chicken A La King 30
Stouffer's Classics Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo 26
Stouffer's Classics Escalloped Chicken & Noodles 36
Stouffer's Classics Fettuccini Alfredo 24
Stouffer's Classics Italiano Lasagna 55
Stouffer's Classics Lasagna Bake With Meat Sauce 35
Stouffer's Classics Meatloaf 60
Stouffer's Classics Mexican Style Lasagna, Medium 56
Stouffer's Classics Smoked Turkey Club Panini 57
Stouffer's Classics Southwest-style Chicken Panini 49
Stouffer's Classics Spaghetti With Meat Sauce 48
Stouffer's Classics Stuffed Pepper 45
Stouffer's Classics Turkey Tetrazzini 31
Stouffer's Classics, Five Cheese Lasagna 52
Stouffer's Cordon Bleu Pasta 44
Stouffer's Creamed Chipped Beef 13
Stouffer's Creamed Spinach 22
Stouffer's Creamy Scalloped Potatoes 23
Stouffer's Deluxe French Bread Pizza 44
Stouffer's Family Size Escalloped Chicken & Noodles 32
Stouffer's Family Size Salisbury Steak Patties 57
Stouffer's Family Size Vegetable Lasagna 35
Stouffer's Farmers Harvest, Chicken Florentine 35
Stouffer's Fiesta Bake 39
Stouffer's Fish Filet Baked Filet Of Alaskan Pollock With Macaroni & Cheese 33
Stouffer's Fit Kitchen Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Meals 41
Stouffer's Fit Kitchen, Bourbon Steak With Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes 37
Stouffer's Fit Kitchen, Fit Kitchen Sweet & Smoky Bbq Meals 34
Stouffer's Fit Kitchen, Oven Roasted Chicken 36
Stouffer's Fit Kitchen, Steak Fajita In Smoked Red Chile Sauce 18
Stouffer's Fit Kitchen, Teriyaki Chicken 29
Stouffer's Fitkitchen, Chicken Enchilada Verde 43
Stouffer's Fitkitchen, Monterey Chicken, Potato, Green Beans With Sauce 36
Stouffer's Fitkitchen, Rotisserie Seasoned Turkey 52
Stouffer's French Bread Pizza 67
Stouffer's French Bread Pizza, Extra Cheese 33
Stouffer's French Bread Pizza, Pepperoni 39
Stouffer's French Bread Pizza, Sausage & Pepperoni 40
Stouffer's French Bread Roasted Vegetable Pizza 35
Stouffer's Grandma"s Chicken & Vegetable Rice Bake, White Meat Chicken 47
Stouffer's Grandma's Chicken & Vegetable Rice Bake 50
Stouffer's Grilled Asiago Chicken And Penne Pasta 33
Stouffer's Grilled Chicken And Asiago Tortelloni 42
Stouffer's Hearty Skillets For Two Homestyle Beef 37
Stouffer's Italiano Lasagna 58
Stouffer's Italiano Lasagna With Meat Sauce, Tomato Sauce And Ricotta Cheese 58
Stouffer's Ketchup-glazed Meatloaf In Gravy With Mashed Potatoes 61
Stouffer's Korean-style Bbq Sauce & Meatballs 38
Stouffer's Lasagna Mac 46
Stouffer's Lasagna-style Pasta & Beef 36
Stouffer's Loaded Cheddar Potato Bake Cups 25
Stouffer's Mac Cups, Chili Cheese Mac, Macaroni & Ground Beef In A Chili Seasoned 100% Real Cheddar Cheese Sauc 32
Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna 42
Stouffer's Meatloaf 49
Stouffer's Medium Fiesta Mac 30
Stouffer's Mexican Style Lasagna, Medium 56
Stouffer's Monterey Chicken 72
Stouffer's Party Size Five Cheese Lasanga 0
Stouffer's Pasta, Macroni & Cheese 20
Stouffer's Pepperoni French Bread Pizza 40
Stouffer's Pepperoni Pizza Mac & Cheese Pasta 32
Stouffer's Pepperoni Pizza, Mac & Cheese 32
Stouffer's Philly-style Steak & Cheese Toasted Sub 61
Stouffer's Rigatoni With Chicken & Pesto 53
Stouffer's Rigatoni With Chicken & Pesto, Classics 53
Stouffer's Roast Turkey Breast 42
Stouffer's Roast Turkey, Classics 43
Stouffer's S Macaroni & Cheese With Broccoli 16
Stouffer's Salisbury Steak 79
Stouffer's Sausage & Egg Scramble 38
Stouffer's Sausage & Egg Scramble In Cheddar Cheese Sauce 28
Stouffer's Savory Beef & Vegetables 35
Stouffer's Signature Chicken & Rice 49
Stouffer's Signature Classics Frozen Meal: Breaded Alaskan Pollock Filet And Macaroni And Cheese 47
Stouffer's Signature Classics, Beef Stroganoff 42
Stouffer's Signature, Chicken & Rice 49
Stouffer's Simple Dishes Corn Souffle 8
Stouffer's Smoked Turkey Club Panini 24
Stouffer's Spaghetti & Meat Balls 40
Stouffer's Spaghetti With Meatballs 62
Stouffer's Special Edition Side Dish, Glazed Apples & Cranberries 15
Stouffer's Spicy Morning Scramble 46
Stouffer's Spinach Souffle 9
Stouffer's Steak Gorgonzola 42
Stouffer's Steak Mushroom Cheddar Flatbread Melt, Classics 57
Stouffer's Stuffed Peppers 46
Stouffer's Stuffed Peppers With Beef & Rice In Tomato Sauce 46
Stouffer's Swedish Meatballs & Fettuccini With Sour Cream Sauce 43
Stouffer's Three Cheese & Ham Panini, Shaved Slices Of Ham Topped With A Blend Of Cheddar, Swiss And Mozzarella 64
Stouffer's Veal Parmigiana 59
Stouffer's Vegetable Lasagna 37
Stouffer's Welsh Rarebit 26
Stouffer's White Cheddar Mac & Cheese Pasta 30