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Food Aversions
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Desserts  "Weis" Aversion Count
Weis 1/4 Sheet Yellow Cake 26
Weis 10 Chocolate Chip Waffles 14
Weis Apple Pie 16
Weis Apple Turnover 24
Weis Blueberry Strudel Bites 16
Weis Brownies 28
Weis Caramel Cake 14
Weis Cherry Crumb Mini Pie, Cherry 23
Weis Cherry Crumb Pie 24
Weis Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 19
Weis Chocolate Premium Ice Cream 12
Weis Chocolate Whoopie Pie, Vanilla Filling 26
Weis Cinnamon Waffles 16
Weis Coconut Cake 22
Weis Coconut Topped Cake Slice 25
Weis Cream - Filled Chocolate Cupcake 25
Weis Crumb Mini Pie, Apple 20
Weis Crunch Bars 20
Weis Cupcakes 27
Weis Danish Strip 52
Weis Danish Strip Cheese 50
Weis Danish Strip, Apple 50
Weis Devil's Food Cake Premium Ice Cream 15
Weis Eclair Bars 22
Weis Eclairs Bars 20
Weis French Toast Bites 36
Weis Fruit Bars 15
Weis Fruity Cream Pops 19
Weis Fruity Pops 18
Weis Fudge & Cream Cheese Iced Brownie 32
Weis Fudge Bars 20
Weis Fudge Ice Brownie With Walnuts 19
Weis Fudge Pops 11
Weis Fun Pops 9
Weis Gold Single Layer Cake 25
Weis Grape Fruit Bars Made With Real Fruit 11
Weis Greek Non Fat Frozen Yogurt 15
Weis Greek Nonfat Frozen Yogurt, Vanilla Fudge Ywirl 15
Weis Greek Nonfat Yogurt 5
Weis Greek Nonfat Yogurt, Plain 1
Weis Ice Cream 43
Weis Ice Cream & Sherbet 15
Weis Ice Cream Bars 33
Weis Ice Cream Bars, Vanilla, Chocolate 16
Weis Ice Cream Sandwiches 33
Weis Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Ripple 20
Weis Instant Pudding And Pie Filling, Vanilla 8
Weis Italian Wedding Cake Slices 33
Weis Large Pumpkin Pie 28
Weis Light Coffee 13
Weis Light Ice Cream 20
Weis Light Ice Cream, Butter Pecans In Light Ice Cream, Butter Pecan 22
Weis Light Ice Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 17
Weis Light Ice Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup 25
Weis Light Ice Cream, Light Chocolate Marshmallow 18
Weis Light Ice Cream, Light Cookies And Cream 20
Weis Light Nonfat Yogurt With Other Natural Flavors, Strawberry Banana 7
Weis Lowfat Yogurt 6
Weis Lowfat Yogurt With Other Natural Flavors 9
Weis Mango Fruit Bars Made With Real Fruit 8
Weis Marble Cake 27
Weis Marble Cake Slice 30
Weis Mini Cupcakes, Chocolate 30
Weis Mini Ice Cream Sandwich 18
Weis Mini Pie, Blueberry Crumb 20
Weis No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Creams, Chocolate 12
Weis Nonfat Yogurt 11
Weis Old Fashion 8" Apple Pie 10
Weis Old Fashioned Coffee Cake 25
Weis Old Frshioned Coffee Cake 26
Weis Original French Toast Sticks 25
Weis Pancakes 21
Weis Peach Crumb Pie, Peach 20
Weis Peanut Butter Iced Single Layer Cake 32
Weis Peanut Butter Premium Ice Cream 21
Weis Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Pineapple 15
Weis Premium Ice Cream 77
Weis Premium Ice Cream Bars 31
Weis Pudding Cups 5
Weis Pudding, Butterscotch 7
Weis Quality Premium Ice Cream 18
Weis Rainbow Sherbet 20
Weis Reduce Fat Ice Cream, Butter Pecan 16
Weis Reduced Donuts 24
Weis Rocket Pops 11
Weis Sherbet 30
Weis Single Layer Cake, Chocolate 27
Weis Small Wet Bottom Shoo-fly Pie 2
Weis Smooth And Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream 11
Weis Square Dessert Marble Cake, Fresh Straweberry 21
Weis Sundae Cones 24
Weis Toffee Flavored Ice Cream With Caramel Cups And Luscious Denali Caramel 26
Weis Tropical Pops 10
Weis Turnover, Blueberry 28
Weis Waffles 17
Weis Waffles, Blueberry 18
Weis Weis, Premium Ice Cream, Tin Roof Sundae 29
Weis Whole 8" Blueberry Pie 8
Weis Yellow Cake 28