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Food Aversions
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Cooking Ingredients  "Weis" Aversion Count
Weis 100% Liquid Egg Whites 1
Weis 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil 1
Weis 100% Pure Olive Oil 1
Weis All Purpose Enriched Bleached Flour 6
Weis Autumn Harvest Pumpkin 0
Weis Balsamic Garlic Oil 3
Weis Benissimo Mediterranean Garlic Oil 3
Weis Benissimo, Chili Pepper Oil 6
Weis Blackeye Peas 1
Weis Bread Crumbs With Cheese 38
Weis Bread Flour 6
Weis Buttermilk Pancake Mix 17
Weis Canola Oil 2
Weis Canola Oil Cooking Spray 2
Weis Cherry Pie Filling 10
Weis Chocolate Chips 2
Weis Chocolate Chips, Milk Chocolate 7
Weis Chocolate Cookie, Pie Crust 10
Weis Classic Cake Mix 5
Weis Classic Cookie Mix 13
Weis Complete Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix 25
Weis Complete Original Pancake & Waffle Mix 16
Weis Cooking Spary 3
Weis Cooking Spray, Butter Flavored With Natural Flavor 4
Weis Corn Starch Thickens Gravies And Sauces 1
Weis Cracker Crumbs, Traditional 7
Weis Dark Chicken Meal W/ Side 10
Weis Deluxe Classic Cookie Mix 19
Weis Deviled Eggs - Gpc 18
Weis Enriched Bleached Flour 6
Weis Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1
Weis Flour For All Your Baking Needs 4
Weis Gourmet Lemon Poppy Monster Muffins 25
Weis Graham Pie Crust 29
Weis Hot Cocoa Mix With Mini Marshmallows 19
Weis Italian Style Breadcrumbs With Cheese 42
Weis Italian Style Panko Bread Crumbs 17
Weis Melting Wafers 5
Weis Panko Bread Crumbs 8
Weis Pickled Red Beet Eggs 3
Weis Pie Crust 9
Weis Plain Bread Crumbs 28
Weis Potato Classics, Zesty Au Gratin 27
Weis Pudding & Pie Filling, Topioca 6
Weis Pudding And Pie Filling, Chocolate 6
Weis Pudding And Pie Filling, Vanilla 5
Weis Pure Cane Dark Brown Sugar 0
Weis Pure Canola Oil 2
Weis Pure Corn Oil 0
Weis Pure Peanut Oil 2
Weis Pure Vegetable Oil 3
Weis Quick Eggs 7
Weis Regular Pie Crusts 13
Weis Shake'n Coat Seasoning & Coating Mix, Chicken Breading 22
Weis Spiced Apple Pie Filling 9
Weis Stuffing Bread Cubes 17
Weis Stuffing Cubes 20
Weis Traditional Flaky Pie Crust Mix 5
Weis Vegetable Dumpling 36
Weis Whipped Topping 24
Weis Whole Wheat Flour 2