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Food Aversions
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Cooking Ingredients  "Ahold" Aversion Count
Ahold 100% Pumpkin 0
Ahold Asian Style Brown Rice With Shiitake Mushrooms 9
Ahold Assorted Chocolate Sprinkles 12
Ahold Bacon! Flavored Seasoning Salt 8
Ahold Bread Flour, Enriched, Unbleached 6
Ahold Cake Mix, Extra Moist Lemon 14
Ahold Chocolate Brownie Mix, Peppermint 8
Ahold Chocolate Sprinkles 5
Ahold Dairy Whipped Topping 8
Ahold Egg Substitute 7
Ahold Egg Whites 1
Ahold Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil 1
Ahold Extra Virgin Avocado Oil 1
Ahold Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1
Ahold Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon 2
Ahold Fresh White Eggs 1
Ahold Light Pie Filling & Topping, Cherry 3
Ahold Mmm Maple & Bacon Frosting With Yellow Cake Mix 15
Ahold Mmm Maple, Pour And Bake Liquid Batter, Maple Pecan Cake 10
Ahold Mushroom Risotto 3
Ahold Nature's Promise, Organic Cane Sugar 2
Ahold Nature's Promise, Sweet Mashed Potatoes With Sweet Brown Sugar And Butter 6
Ahold Olive Oil 1
Ahold Pie Filling & Topping, Blueberry 8
Ahold Pie Filling & Topping, Cherry 10
Ahold Pie Filling & Topping, Spiced Apple 9
Ahold Pumpkin Spice Pecans 12
Ahold Pure Cane Confectioners' Sugar, 10x Powdered 2
Ahold Real Milk Chocolate Morsels 7
Ahold Real Semi-sweet Chocolate Morsels 2
Ahold Real Semi-sweet Mini Chocolate Morsels 2
Ahold Risotto, Limoncello 4
Ahold Roasted Garlic Finishing Sauce 29
Ahold Saffron Risotto 0
Ahold Snowball Cookie Mix With Dusting Sugar, Peppermint 12
Ahold Vegetable Oil Cooking Spray 3
Ahold World Menu, Japanese Inspired Fried Rice Shrimp 31