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Food Aversions
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Condiments  "Roundy's" Aversion Count
Roundy's 48% Vegetable Oil Spread 7
Roundy's Bagel Spread 27
Roundy's Balsamic & Olive Oil 15
Roundy's Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing 11
Roundy's Barbeque Sauce 16
Roundy's Barbeque Sauce, Sweet & Spicy 16
Roundy's Blue Cheese Dressing 24
Roundy's Bread & Butter Chunks 6
Roundy's Bread & Butter Sandwich Slices 8
Roundy's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing 22
Roundy's Caesar Creamy Dressing 39
Roundy's California French Style Dressing 16
Roundy's California French Style Dressing, Light 20
Roundy's Coffee Creamer 14
Roundy's Coffee Creamer, Fat Free 15
Roundy's Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla 10
Roundy's Creamy Coleslaw 22
Roundy's Dell Style Mustard 3
Roundy's Dijon Mustard 10
Roundy's Dressing 52
Roundy's Easy Squeeze Whipped Dressing 11
Roundy's Extreme Chef Salad 16
Roundy's French Creamy Dressing 15
Roundy's French Dressing 11
Roundy's Garden Salad 8
Roundy's Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread 20
Roundy's Hard Shell Taco Dinner Kit 30
Roundy's Hickory Barbeque Sauce 15
Roundy's Honey Barbeque Sauce, Sweet And Tangy 21
Roundy's Honey Mustard Dressing & Dip 28
Roundy's Honey Mustard, Sweet And Tangy 10
Roundy's Hot Sauce 2
Roundy's Instant Bouillon, Chicken 10
Roundy's Italian Blend 7
Roundy's Italian Dressing 18
Roundy's Italian Dressing Mix 12
Roundy's Light Italian Dressing, Light 16
Roundy's Light Mayonnaise 9
Roundy's Liquid Coffee Flavoring, Caramel 1
Roundy's Lite Non-dairy Creamer, Original 8
Roundy's Macaroni Salad 20
Roundy's Mayonnaise Dressing With Olive Oil 15
Roundy's Minced Onion 2
Roundy's Non- Dairy Creamer, Vanilla, Caramel 9
Roundy's Non-dairy Creamer 12
Roundy's Non-dairy Creamer, Hazelnut 8
Roundy's Non-dairy Creamer, Irish Creme 8
Roundy's Non-dairy Creamer, Original 6
Roundy's Non-dairy Creamer, Sugar Free 5
Roundy's Non-dairy Creamer, Vanilla Caramel 7
Roundy's Peanut Butter Spread 18
Roundy's Pickle Relish, Sweet 11
Roundy's Ranch Dip 24
Roundy's Ranch Dressing 29
Roundy's Ranch Dressing Mix 21
Roundy's Ranch Dressing, Light 23
Roundy's Ranch Fat Free Dressing 19
Roundy's Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing, Light 18
Roundy's Real Bacon Bits 5
Roundy's Real Bacon Pieces 5
Roundy's Real Mayonnaise 9
Roundy's Reduced Fat Peanut Spread, Creamy 13
Roundy's Salsa Seasoning 10
Roundy's Salted Butter Sweet Cream Sticks 0
Roundy's Salted Sweet Cream Spreadable Butter With Canola Oil 5
Roundy's Sandwich Spread 21
Roundy's Select, Beer, Bacon & Cheddar Seasoning Blend 26
Roundy's Select, Butter, Unsalted, European Style 4
Roundy's Select, Carolina Barbeque Sauce 31
Roundy's Select, Crabmeat Omega 3 Power Salad 27
Roundy's Select, Dressing, Three Cheese Italian 18
Roundy's Select, Fire-roasted Poblano Ranch Dressing 14
Roundy's Select, Fresh Mozzarella Caprese Salad 13
Roundy's Select, Garden Salad 8
Roundy's Select, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad 57
Roundy's Select, Habanero Barbeque Sauce, Savory Sweetness & Bold 22
Roundy's Select, Kansas City Style Barbeque Sauce With Brown Sugar & Molasses, Savory Sweetness & Bold 24
Roundy's Select, Light Vinaigrette, Raspberry Acai 8
Roundy's Select, Pecan Raspberry Grilled Chicken Salad 33
Roundy's Select, Spicy Chipotle Barbeque Sauce, Smoke 27
Roundy's Select, Traditional Caesar Dressing 31
Roundy's Select, Vidalia Onion Dressing 14
Roundy's Select, Vinaigrette Dressing, Light Lemon Ginger Sesame 19
Roundy's Sliced Pickled Beets 4
Roundy's Smooth & Creamy Real Mayonnaise 9
Roundy's Spaghetti/pizza Mix 3
Roundy's Spicy Brown Mustard 2
Roundy's Spreadable Butter With Canola Oil 2
Roundy's Steak Sauce 12
Roundy's Sugar Free Sweet Pickle Relish 5
Roundy's Sun Dried Tomatoes 9
Roundy's Sweet Pickle Relish 9
Roundy's Sweet Pickle, Relish 7
Roundy's Sweet Sour Harvard Beets 7
Roundy's Taco Mix 13
Roundy's Taco Seasoning Mix 18
Roundy's Tartar Sauce 18
Roundy's Thick & Zesty Spaghetti Sauce Mix 18
Roundy's Thousand Island Dressing 22
Roundy's Thousand Island Fat Free Dressing 20
Roundy's Three Cheese Italian Dressing 18
Roundy's Tomato Ketchup 17
Roundy's Tomatoes 9
Roundy's Traditional Dusseldorf Mustard 2
Roundy's Unsalted Butter Sweet Cream 4
Roundy's Vegetable Oil Spread 8
Roundy's Vegetable Shortening 3
Roundy's Vinaigrette, Sun Dried Tomato 23
Roundy's Whipped Cream Cheese Spread 13
Roundy's Whipped Dressing 11
Roundy's Whole Mustard 2
Roundy's Worcestershire Sauce 9
Roundy's Yellow Mustard 3
Roundy's Zesty Italian Dressing 12