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Food Aversions
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Condiments  "Meijer" Aversion Count
Meijer Amish Baked Beans, Three Varieties Of Beans With Pork In A Sweet And Tangy Barbecue Sauce 37
Meijer Bacon Bites 9
Meijer Bacon Bits, Original 5
Meijer Balsamic Vinagrette 12
Meijer Barbecue Sauce, Honey 21
Meijer Barbecue Sauce, Original 16
Meijer Barbecue Sauce, Sweet & Spicy 15
Meijer Barbeque Sauce 19
Meijer Barbeque Sauce, Specialty Series Texas 19
Meijer Beef Stew Seasoning Mix 25
Meijer Blue Cheese Dressing 17
Meijer Bouillon Cubes, Chicken 33
Meijer Bread & Butter Chips 9
Meijer Bread & Butter Chips, No Salt 10
Meijer Bread & Butter Spreads, Sugar Free 8
Meijer Burrito Flour Tortilla 11
Meijer Burrito Seasoning Mix 27
Meijer Butter 11
Meijer Buttermilk Ranch Dressing 12
Meijer Chicken Salad 16
Meijer Chicken Seasoning & Coating Mix 25
Meijer Cocktail Sauce For Seafood 21
Meijer Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla 11
Meijer Coffee Creamer, Hazelnut 11
Meijer Coffee Creamer, Italian Sweet Cream 11
Meijer Coffee Creamer, Peppermint Mocha 11
Meijer Coffee Creamer, Pumpkin Pie Spice 11
Meijer Coffee Creamer, Vanilla Caramel 11
Meijer Coleslaw 13
Meijer Creamy Cookie Butter, Cocoa 7
Meijer Dill Relish, Tangy 4
Meijer Fajita, Flour Tortilla 8
Meijer Flour Tortilla, Maple 8
Meijer Flour Tortilla, Whole Wheat Soft Taco 8
Meijer French Dressing 12
Meijer French Fried Onions, Crispy 8
Meijer French Vanilla Creamer Made With Real Milk And Cane Juice 8
Meijer Gluten Free Mustard, Original 3
Meijer Gold, Chicken Grilling Seasoning 11
Meijer Half & Half Ultra-pasteurized 9
Meijer Ham Salad 26
Meijer Hickory & Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce 16
Meijer Hot & Spicy Taco Seasoning Mix 9
Meijer Hot Dog Relish, Sweet & Zesty 13
Meijer Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, Fortified With Vitamins A & D 1
Meijer Italian Dressing 13
Meijer Italian Dressing Mix 12
Meijer Italian Dressing, Light 20
Meijer Light Balsamic Vinaigrette 10
Meijer Light French Style Dressing 14
Meijer Lite Mayonnaise 12
Meijer Lite Whipped Dressing 13
Meijer Mayonnaise Dressing With Olive Oil 15
Meijer Mediterranean Style Tuscan Herb Dressing 35
Meijer Meijer, Real Mayonnaise 9
Meijer Minced Onion 2
Meijer Mustard 3
Meijer Mustard, Dijon With White Wine 10
Meijer Mustard, Original 3
Meijer Mustard, Spicy Brown 3
Meijer Non-dairy Creamer, Hazelnut 11
Meijer Non-dairy Creamer, Original 6
Meijer Non-dairy Lite Creamer 8
Meijer Nonpareil Imported Capers 1
Meijer Organic Caesar Salad 45
Meijer Organic Garden Salad, Organic Ranch Dressing 46
Meijer Organics, Dijon Mustard 2
Meijer Organics, Ground Mustard 2
Meijer Organics, Hazelnut Creamer 8
Meijer Organics, Spicy Brown Mustard 2
Meijer Organics, Stone Ground Mustard 2
Meijer Original Mustard 3
Meijer Poppy Seed Dressing 28
Meijer Potato Salad, Mustard 22
Meijer Pure Prepared Mustard, Honey 7
Meijer Pure Prepared Mustard, Hot & Sweet 5
Meijer Ranch Dressing 15
Meijer Ranch Seasoning & Salad Mix 21
Meijer Raspberry Vinaigrette, Raspberry 17
Meijer Real Mayonnaise 9
Meijer Relish, Cranberry Walnut 10
Meijer Salted Sweet Cream Butter 3
Meijer Sandwich Spread, Bologna With Sweet Pickle Relish, Celery And Salad Dressing 25
Meijer Sesame Ginger Marinade With Mandarin Orange Juice 28
Meijer Slickles, Bread & Butter Pickles 14
Meijer Soft Margarine 80% Soybean Oil Spread 4
Meijer Soft Margarine 80% Vegetable Oil 11
Meijer Soft Taco Flour Tortilla 17
Meijer Soft Tacos, Taco Dinner Kit 20
Meijer Spread 51% Vegetable Oil 11
Meijer Steak Sauce, Original 18
Meijer Strawberry Preserves 8
Meijer Sugar Free Bread & Butter Chips 8
Meijer Sugar Free Sweet Relish, Sweet & Zesty 3
Meijer Sweet Relish 8
Meijer Taco Dinner Kit 35
Meijer Taco Seasoning Mix 34
Meijer Taco Seasoning Mix, Hot 16
Meijer Taco Seasoning Mix, Mild 17
Meijer Taco Shell, Nacho Cheese 38
Meijer Taco Shells, Chili Lime 22
Meijer Taco Shells, White Corn 3
Meijer Tartar Sauce 22
Meijer Thousand Island Dressing Light 19
Meijer Tomato Ketchup 14
Meijer Tortilla Strips, Authentic Corn 4
Meijer Tortilla Strips, Tri-color 4
Meijer True Goodness, Organic Salted Butter 0
Meijer True Goodness, Organic Unsalted Butter 1
Meijer True Goodness, Reduced Sugar Tomato Ketchup 11
Meijer True Goodness, Tomato Ketchup 11
Meijer Unsalted Butter 4
Meijer Vegetable Shortening 3
Meijer Vegetable Shortening, Butter 3
Meijer Whipped Dressing 12
Meijer Worcestershire Sauce 8
Meijer Zesty Cocktail Sauce 33