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Food Aversions
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Condiments  "Hellmann's" Aversion Count
Hellmann's Bring Out The Best, Mayonnaise With Lime Juice 8
Hellmann's Canola Cholesterol Free Mayonnaise Dressing 11
Hellmann's Carefully Crafted, Dressing & Sandwich Spread 10
Hellmann's Creamy Balsamic Mayonnaise Dressing 15
Hellmann's Dijonnaise Creamy Dijon Mustard 20
Hellmann's Dijonnaise, Creamy Dijon Musturd 19
Hellmann's Easy Out!, Light Mayonnaise 9
Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise 13
Hellmann's Low Fat Mayonnaise Dressing 12
Hellmann's Mayonesa Con Jugo De Limon (mayonnaise With Lime) 8
Hellmann's Mayonnaise Dressing With Olive Oil 11
Hellmann's Mayonnaise Dressing, With Olive Oil 10
Hellmann's Mayonnaise, Light 9
Hellmann's Organic Mayonnaise 8
Hellmann's Organic Mayonnaise, Roasted Garlic 9
Hellmann's Organic Mayonnaise, Spicy Chipotle 9
Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise 8
Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise Extra Heavy 9
Hellmann's Real Whipped Tangy Dressing 10
Hellmann's Relish Sandwich Spread 16
Hellmann's Spicy Buffalo Mayonnaise 3
Hellmann's Tangy Dressing 9
Hellmann's Tartar Sauce 29