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Food Aversions
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Canned Food  "Kuner's" Aversion Count
Kuner's -southwestern- Refried Black Beans With Lime Juice 9
Kuner's Black Beans 2
Kuner's Black Beans , Jalapeno & Lime 10
Kuner's Black Beans, Cumin & Chili Spices 17
Kuner's Blackeye Peas With Snaps 2
Kuner's Butter Beans 2
Kuner's Chick Peas Garbanzo Beans 1
Kuner's Corn 'n Peppers With Extra Crispy Corn 0
Kuner's Dark Red Kidney Beans 2
Kuner's Pinto Beans 3
Kuner's Pinto Beans With Jalapenos 11
Kuner's Refried Pinto Beans, Fire Roasted Chiles 9
Kuner's Southwestern Ranchero Beans Pinto Beans In Tex Mex Sauce, Chili-burritos 9
Kuner's Southwestern, Gold 'n White Extra Crispy Two-color Corn 0
Kuner's Traditional Black Beans 2