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Food Aversions
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Confectionery / Candy  "Pcc" Aversion Count
Pcc Bread Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookie 16
Pcc Cheddar Breakfast Biscuit With Sausage And Cheese 13
Pcc Chocolate Chip Cookies 9
Pcc Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup No Bake 38
Pcc Crystallized Ginger 5
Pcc Farmland Trust Pcc Farmland Trust, Theo Dark Chocolate Bar, Cherry & Chili 6
Pcc Plain Sesame Stick 5
Pcc Snickerdoodle Cookies 9
Pcc Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies 13
Pcc Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies 17