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Food Aversions
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Confectionery / Candy  "Meijer" Aversion Count
Meijer After Dinner Mints 2
Meijer Assorted Candy, Hard Candies And Toffee Chews 19
Meijer Assorted Sandwich Cremes 15
Meijer Biscuits, Buttermilk 15
Meijer Bit-o-honey Candy 21
Meijer Candiquick, Candy Coating, Chocolate 13
Meijer Candiquick, Candy Coating, Vanilla 13
Meijer Candy 5
Meijer Candy Canes, Cherry 9
Meijer Candy Canes, Chocolate Mint 6
Meijer Candy Canes, Watermelon 9
Meijer Candy Corn 5
Meijer Caramel Nut Clusters Milk Chocolate 23
Meijer Chipsters, Chocolate Chip Cookies 18
Meijer Chipsters, Real Chocolate Chip Cookies 20
Meijer Chocolate Sandwich Cookie With Double Creme, Original 7
Meijer Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Original 6
Meijer Cinnamon Bears Candy 3
Meijer Cinnamon Grahams 15
Meijer Cinnamon Imperials Candy 5
Meijer Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin 24
Meijer Creamy Peanut Butter, Fresh Roastes 15
Meijer Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries 6
Meijer Duplex Sandwich Cremes Cookies 15
Meijer Fat Free Flavored Mini Marshmallows, Lemon, Lime, Orange & Strawberry 8
Meijer Fat Free Marshmallows 8
Meijer Flaky Homestyle Jumbo Biscuits 17
Meijer Flaky Jumbo! Biscuits, Butter 22
Meijer Fruit Chews 9
Meijer Fruit Slices 8
Meijer Fudge Marshmallow Chocolate Cookies 12
Meijer Fudge Treasures, Fudge Covered Graham Cookies 15
Meijer Fudge Treasures, Fudge Striped Shortbread Cookies 13
Meijer Golden Sandwich Creme Cookies, Vanilla 7
Meijer Gourmet Cookies, Breakfast Cookies 35
Meijer Grahams Cracker 13
Meijer Grahams Cracker, Chocolate 16
Meijer Grahams Cracker, Cinnamon 19
Meijer Grahams, Honey 13
Meijer Gummi Bears 8
Meijer Gummi Bears Candy 9
Meijer Gummi Neon Sour Worms Candy 9
Meijer Gummi Peach Rings Candy 8
Meijer Gummi Trees & Snowmen Candy 8
Meijer Gummi Worms 8
Meijer Gummi Worms Candy 12
Meijer Hearty Layers Flaky, Buttermilk 14
Meijer Jelly Bells Candy 5
Meijer Juju Snowtops Candy 10
Meijer Jumbo Flaky Biscuits, Buttermilk 17
Meijer Jumbo Homestyle Biscuits, Buttermilk 14
Meijer Marshmallow Treasures, Frosted Whole Grain Oat Cereal With Marshmallows 6
Meijer Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies 24
Meijer Mini Marshmallows 8
Meijer Naturals, All Natural Cookies, Chocolate Chip Buttons 20
Meijer Naturals, All Natural Cookies, Chocolate Fudge Butter Buttons 10
Meijer Naturals, Animal Cookies, Vanilla 3
Meijer Naturals, Chocolate Chip Animal Cookies, Chocolate Chip 9
Meijer Numbers Assorted Fruit Flavored Snacks 9
Meijer Oatmeal Cookies 24
Meijer Old Fashioned Soft Cookies, Chocolate Chip 0
Meijer Old Fashioned Soft Cookies, Peanut Butter 33
Meijer Orange Jelly Slices Candy 12
Meijer Original Biscuits 15
Meijer Pastry Crisp, Blueberry 30
Meijer Pastry Crisp, Strawberry 27
Meijer Peppermint Puffs Candy 3
Meijer Peppermint Starlight Mints 3
Meijer Peppermint, Mini Candy Canes 7
Meijer Regular Instant Oatmeal 4
Meijer Roasted Sesame Stick, Salted 8
Meijer Roll Midgees 9
Meijer Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate 10
Meijer Sandwich Cremes Cookies, Lemon 18
Meijer Sandwich Cremes Cookies, Vanilla 15
Meijer Sour Gummi Bears Candy 9
Meijer Sour Neon Worms 8
Meijer Spearmint Starlight Mints 3
Meijer Speculoos Cookie Butter, Creamy 8
Meijer Speculoos Cookie Butter, Crunchy 8
Meijer Spice Drops 5
Meijer Spice Drops Candy 7
Meijer Starlight Mints, Peppermint 5
Meijer Sugar Cookies Dough 12
Meijer Tootsie Flavor Rolls, Candy 9
Meijer Tootsie Roll Pops 12
Meijer True Goodness, Butter Buttons Cookies 8
Meijer True Goodness, Meringue Buttons, Lemon 7
Meijer True Goodness, Organic Graham Crackers, Honey 12
Meijer Vanilla Caramels 12
Meijer Wafers, Vanilla 18
Meijer Whole Grain Alphabet And Animal Cookies 9