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Food Aversions
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Confectionery / Candy  "Brach's" Aversion Count
Brach's 12 Candy Canes 6
Brach's 12 Candy Canes, Cherry Artificially Flavored 6
Brach's America's Candy Maker, Jelly Bird Eggs Flavored Candy, Classic 8
Brach's Assorted Mellowcreme Candy 11
Brach's Assortment Of Mixed Hard Candies, Holiday Mix 7
Brach's Autumn Mix Candy 15
Brach's Autumn Mix Candy, Made With Real Honey 15
Brach's Brachs 4
Brach's Candy 16
Brach's Candy Corn 11
Brach's Candy Corn, Caramel 15
Brach's Candy Corn, Made With Real Honey 9
Brach's Candy, S'mores Caramels 11
Brach's Caramels 14
Brach's Chocolate Creations, Milk & Dark Chocolate Bridge Mix With Almonds 47
Brach's Chocolate Creations, Milk Chocolate Double Dippers 19
Brach's Chocolate Creations, Peanut Clusters, Sea Salt Caramel 25
Brach's Christmas Nougat Mix 11
Brach's Christmas Nougats 12
Brach's Cinnamon Imperials 5
Brach's Cinnamon Imperials Candy 3
Brach's Classic Candy Corn 5
Brach's Classic Jelly Beans 8
Brach's Crimp Ribbon Candy, Peppermint And Spearmint 4
Brach's Dark Chocolate, Blueberry Acai 14
Brach's Fruit Slices 15
Brach's Glitter, Jelly Bird Eggs 8
Brach's Greek Yogurt Granola Bites, Straweberry 24
Brach's Gummi Bears, Wild'n Fruity 9
Brach's Hard Candy, Cinnamon 10
Brach's Hard Candy, Lemon Drops 9
Brach's Holiday Spicettes Jelly Drops Candy, Cinnamon And Wintergreen 7
Brach's Indian Corn Candy 15
Brach's Jel Bursts, Peppermint 6
Brach's Jelly Beans 0
Brach's Jelly Bells 7
Brach's Jelly, Chicks & Rabbits 9
Brach's Juicy Berries Gummi Candies 11
Brach's Lemon Drops 6
Brach's Make Your Own Candy Cane Reindeer With Candy Canes, Chenille Antlers, Wiggle Eyes & Fuzzy Noses 3
Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins 9
Brach's Milk & Dark Chocolate Caramel & Nut Mix 32
Brach's Milk Chocolate 5
Brach's Milk Chocolate Stars 10
Brach's Milk Maid, Royals Made With Real Caramel 19
Brach's Orange Slices 15
Brach's Orchard Fruit Jelly Beans 14
Brach's Party Tub Orange Slices Candy, Orange 15
Brach's Pastel Fiesta, Malted Milk Eggs Candy 26
Brach's Peanut Butter Poppins 27
Brach's Peppermint Christmas Nougars 4
Brach's Peppermint Christmas Nougats, Peppermint 10
Brach's Peppermint Christmas Tree Nougats 10
Brach's Raspberry Filled Classic Candy, Raspberry 9
Brach's Rich And Creamy Caramels Made With Real Milk 14
Brach's S'mores Candy Corn 11
Brach's Spice Drops 11
Brach's Star Brites Candy, Peppermint 3
Brach's Star Brites Peppermint Candy 3
Brach's Star Brites, Peppermint Candy 3
Brach's Star Brites, Sugar Free Candy, Peppermint 7
Brach's Sugar Free Hard Candy, Butterscotch 7
Brach's Sugar Free Lemon Drops Hard Candy, Lemon 9
Brach's Swirly Fish Gummi Candy 12
Brach's The Original Candy Canes 4
Brach's The Original Candy Canes, Peppermint 3
Brach's Tiny Jelly Bird Eggs 4
Brach's Tiny Jelly Bird Eggs, 5 Pack Value! 8