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Food Aversions
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Baby Food  "Sprout" Aversion Count
Sprout Banana, Pear, Pineapple, Broccoli & Buckwheat Organic Baby Food 6
Sprout Coconut Milk Smoothie Smash, Peach & Banana 9
Sprout Greek Yogurt Smoothie, Blueberry Blackcurrant With Greek Yogurt 11
Sprout Greek Yogurt Smoothie, Strawberry & Cherry 8
Sprout Macaroni & Cheese With Butternut Squash 20
Sprout Multi-grain Cereal With Fruits & Berries 10
Sprout Organic Baby Food Garden Vegetables & Brown Rice With Turkey 4
Sprout Organic Baby Food Green Beans, Peas & Butternut Squash 2
Sprout Organic Baby Food Multigrain Cereal, Peach, Apple & Blackberry 10
Sprout Organic Baby Food, Buttermilk Squash, White Beans, Spinach & Amaranth 0
Sprout Organic Baby Food, Creamy Vegetables With Chicken 17
Sprout Organic Baby Food, Green Beans, Zucchini & Potato 6
Sprout Organic Baby Food, Minestrone & Greens With Beans 16
Sprout Organic Baby Foods, Butternut Squash, White Beans, Spinach & Amaranth 0
Sprout Organic Butternut Squash Macaroni & Cheese 16
Sprout Organic Creamy Vegetable With Chicken Baby Food 17
Sprout Organic Pureed Baby Food 8
Sprout Organic Pureed Baby Food, Carrots 1
Sprout Organic Pureed Baby Food, Sweet Potatoes 0
Sprout Organic Toddler Cereal Snacks, Purple, Berry & Carrot 8
Sprout Organic Toddler Meal, Pasta, Zucchini, Tomato Sauce With Beef 24
Sprout Organic Toddler Puree, Blueberry Brown Rice With Greek Yogurt 5
Sprout Organic Toddler Snack, Strawberry Carrot 6
Sprout Organic Toddler Snacks 10
Sprout Organic Veggie & Fruit Smoothie, Butternut Squash & Grape 6
Sprout Pear, Kiwi & Spinach Organic Baby Food 7
Sprout Pear, Kiwi, Peas & Spinach Baby Food 4
Sprout Smash Greek Yogurt Smoothie, Acai & Berry 12
Sprout Sweet Peas & Green Beans 2
Sprout Sweet Potato, Apple, Grape & Spinach Baby Food 3
Sprout Veggie & Grain Blend Baby Food, Sweet Peas, Greens & Brown Rice 5
Sprout Veggie Blend, Organic Baby Food, Creamy Tomato, Sweet Corn 18