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Food Aversions
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Chicken Noodle Dinner
Beech-nut Chicken Noodle Dinner Aversions 3
      Carrot 1
         Oral Allergy Syndrome
      Egg Yolk 1
         Egg Allergy
      Green Beans 1
         Legume Allergy
Beech-nut Chicken Noodle Dinner Symptoms
      Breathing Difficulties (Asthma)
      Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
      Hives (Urticaria)
      Itching in the mouth
      Itchy Ears
      Itchy Skin
      Nasal Congestion
      Nasal Inflammation (Rhinitis)
      Rapid Pulse
      Runny Nose (Postnasal Drip)
      Sore Throat
      Stomach Cramps
      Stomach Pain
      Swelling of Lips
      Swelling of Throat
      Swollen Face/Extremities (Angioedema)
      Tingling in the Mouth